Finding the perfect red and nude lipsticks for your skin tone is no easy feat, so we speak to Fenwick’s Assistant Beauty Buyer, Rebecca Hill, for her top advice on the best red and nude shades, featuring our exclusive Code8 lipstick range that we created with this in mind.
When we think of lipsticks, often two looks come to mind: a striking red and a classic nude. Iconic and timeless, a strong, powerful pout can instantly transform an entire look and uplift your mood. Yet, with an abundance of varying shades out there, finding a lipstick that both flatters and stands out can seem like an uphill battle. To help you out, we’ve enlisted the help of Fenwick’s Assistant Beauty Buyer, Rebecca Hill, to guide you on the best shades to wear from our exclusive collection with Code8. Before you begin selecting your shade, it’s important to think about what formulations work best and always look for products that contain moisturising ingredients. We’ve collaborated with Code8 to produce two exclusive lipsticks that are sure to keep your lips comfortable from day to night. “I love Code8 lipsticks as their formulas are highly pigmented with a velvety finish,” says Rebecca.
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### Red lip A striking, red lip is perhaps the LBD of make-up - classic, elegant and perfect for instantly dressing up a look. Although it may seem like a bold look to pull off, the trick in finding a perfect shade is to understand the undertones of your skin. For a bolder look, opt for a red that contrasts with your skin tone (warm tones contrast with blue-reds), and for a softer look, opt for one that matches your undertones. Rebecca’s pick for a red lipstick, is the [Fenwick Circus from our Code8 collaboration](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/beauty/make-up/lips/lipsticks/fenwick-exclusive-matte-lipstick---circus-red/2530012934546.html). This lipstick – which is inspired by [Koringa, a celebrated circus performer, who visited Fenwick in the 1920s with her pet crocodile](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/our-story.html), flatters a multitude of skin tones with a vibrant, red shade.

"When developing this lipstick, we wanted to create a shade that could transition from day to night," says Rebecca. To tone down the pigment for the daytime, Rebecca suggests pairing it with minimal eye make-up and to keep the complexion natural. "Take a red lip into the night with a smokey eye," she says.

Code8 Fenwick Exclusive Matte Lipstick in Circus Red, £45

### **Nude lip** Essentially, finding the perfect nude is about looking for a shade that naturally appears in skin and enhances our real lip tone. Generally, to find your best nude lip, choose one that is one to two shades darker than your natural lips. Rebecca’s pick for a nude shade is the [Art Deco Nude from our Fenwick collaboration with Code8.](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/beauty/make-up/lips/lipsticks/fenwick-exclusive-cream-lipstick---art-deco-nude/2530012934522.html) Inspired by [Arthur Fenwick’s legendary black tie parties in the 1930s](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/daily-muse/home/dizzyingly-curious5-fun-facts-about-fenwicks-history/e0b9d4da-981f-410d-8609-4a97b72d24e0), this is the perfect shade to wear to all occasions. Formulated with a satin texture, it glides over the lips smoothly for a sheer finish and can be layered for a more pigmented look.

"Everyone needs the perfect nude in their lipstick wardrobe," says Rebecca. A nude is the best shade to highlight your natural features, and its beauty lies in its versatility – it goes with quite literally, everything. "During the day, pair a nude lip with an illuminating eyeshadow and use lighter shades to brighten the eye," Rebecca suggests.

Code8 Fenwick Exclusive Cream Lipstick in Art Deco Nude, £45

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