From high-performance sunscreens, blocks and aftersuns to top tanners, tinted moisturisers and bronzers for that Riviera radiance, we've got everything you need for happy, healthy and beautiful skin this summer.
Summer is drawing closer and closer with every blue-skied morning, bringing with it the anticipation of sunshine-filled days, the excitement for our holidays and the fantasy of beautifully bronzed skin. But as we all know by now, tanning and sun exposure can cause serious health issues as well as premature ageing - the effects of which will last much longer than your tan. Thankfully, we’ve got an exceptional selection of high-performance sunscreens, blocks and aftersuns to keep your skin healthy, happy and, most importantly, protected this summer. And for those who want that holiday radiance without any of the harm, we also rounded up some of our top tanners, tinted moisturisers and bronzers to perfectly imitate that coveted golden glow. #### How To: Protect and Prevent For the face, we love [The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 15 with Antioxidants](, which is a great all-year-rounder thanks to its SPF 15 protection, and as we move deeper into summer, we’ll be stepping up the strength with [Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF 50]( Skin can also feel a little dryer in the hotter months, so amp up the hydration with an intensive moisturiser like [Clinique's Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator](, which delivers all-day nourishment. As well as sunscreen, you may wish to incorporate some anti-pigmentation skincare into your summer routine. Sun spots appear when melanin-producing skin cells are damaged in the sun and produce extra pigment while they’re healing, so introducing something like [Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution]( can help combat this, leaving your complexion beautifully even. Sun protection creams will help safeguard your skin from top to toe, and the higher the SPF, the better. We’ll be turning to [Shiseido]( and [Dermalogica]( this summer with their anti-ageing SPF 50 defence and skin-loving formulas. If you do happen to burn, pamper your skin with a cooling and caring aftersun like [this one]( from holistic pioneer [Dr. Hauschka](
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#### How To: Get the Golden Glow Back in the 1920s, Gabrielle Chanel was photographed in Cannes disembarking from a Mediterranean cruise where she had accidentally caught too much sun, and as with everything the designer did, tanning suddenly became à la mode. Nowadays, we still covet that Riviera radiance but we’re much more aware of the damage it can cause (including melanoma, age spots and premature ageing). However, you can still achieve that golden holiday glow without any of the harm with today’s best [self-tanners](, [tinted moisturisers]( and [bronzers]( Glamour doyenne [Charlotte Tilbury]( and skin specialists [Clinique]( are leading the way with their [Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask]( and [Bronzing Gel Tint](, respectively. Both offer an instant warmth to the complexion, without dreaded streaking, and deliver coverage that means you can even forgo foundation. Take your make-up in a warmer, more metallic direction to complement your sun-kissed complexion this summer. The [NARS Skin Deep eyeshadow palette]( has the perfect terracotta , tawny and chocolate browns to deepen your tan, as well as glittering bronze and gold for that added touch of holiday sparkle. And we’re back with Charlotte Tilbury and her gorgeous [deluxe make-up set]( to recreate her Golden Goddess look, which she describes as “beach-y, bronzed beauty with sun-kissed skin, bronze-y eyes and a glossy rose lip” - which is _exactly_ the look we're going for.
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_Image via Clinique_