Everything First Time Parents Need

Nothing can fully prepare you for all that arrives with becoming a first time parent - but being well-equipped with all the necessary paraphernalia can really help.

From sterilisers and bottles to baby toys, nappy bags and baby baths, we’re here with all the equipment, accessories and extras you could possibly need for the smoothest and most enjoyable start to parenthood.

Steriliser and bottles

However you choose to feed your baby, the most important thing is that they are satisfied with a full little tummy and a smile on their face. Bottle feeding - be it using formula milk or pre-pumped breast milk can often make things that little bit easier - particularly in the face of those exhausting night feeds. Keep your baby suitably satisfied and healthy by investing in a steriliser set and a good bunch of baby bottles.

The Pram

Arguably one of the most exciting things to shop for, returning home with a pram certainly makes things feel more real. Get set for relaxing strolls with your new arrival with a pretty yet practical pram that your tiny cherub will feel super snug in. We love Silver Cross. Peerlessly elegant and teeming with intelligent design features, there’s a reason why these prams are so popular. Joolz, Bugaboo and Mamas and Papas boast a bounty of wonderful options, too.

Baby bath

Baby bath time is magical - especially with Shnuggle. Expertly developed for a stress-free bath time, Shnuggle baths are suitable even for newborns and feature a unique ’bum bump’ that enables babies to enjoy a comfortable upright bathing experience.

Car seat

Driving with your baby in the car for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. Relieve your tension by selecting a premium quality baby car seat that grants you as much reassurance as possible, as well as unmatched comfort for your little one. The likes of Nuna, Cybex and Doona Doona can be trusted to provide unparalleled safety and security for your baby. Built upon ample research and expertise, these brands continue to revolutionise baby travel with their innovative designs.

Baby comforter or sleep aid

A can’t-be-without - particularly during nap times - a comforter will fast become one of your baby’s best-loved possessions. Soft and snuggly, a comforter can be carried with you and your baby wherever you go. Even the happiest babies have their difficult-to-console moments, but their favourite comforter is often all that’s needed to summon a smile.

Moses basket or cot

Good quality sleep is important for us all, but even more so for your soft-skinned new arrival. Ensure sleepy time is the best time by opting for a moses basket that will sweetly sway them into the blissful land of nod. Clair de Lune specialises in the creation of beautiful palm and wicker moses baskets. Each is complete with a firm mattress your baby will love, the soft details are easily interchangeable, allowing you to freshen things up effortlessly.

Baby mobile

Designed to gently stimulate your baby’s brain, mobiles exist to captivate your little one’s attention, actively encouraging the development of vital visual and motor skills. Babies also find great comfort in mobiles - particularly those that play soft music - making them a key component during nap and sleep routines.

Baby clothes

It's safe to say that baby outfits see their fair share of accidents, which is why it’s so important to not only have a great washing machine, but plenty of outfit options at the ready, too. Our abundantly cute collection of baby clothes will make stocking up all the more special. Discover babygrows, baby vests, rompers and more from the likes of Mintini, Emile Et Rose and Mayoral. For all the mini statement-makers out there, Bonnie Mob’s offering of playful pieces is a guaranteed hit, meanwhile, Tommy Hilfiger is here with a melting pot of timelessly stylish designs.

Changing bag

Nappy changing - as unglamorous as it may be - can be made that touch chicer with a stylish changing bag in tow. There to contain everything from wet wipes to disposable bags and, for those occasional (yet inevitable) emergencies, a fresh outfit, this handy receptacle is one no parent can be without. And thanks to brands such as Storksak and Bugaboo, suitably stylish options are available.