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Finding sunglasses to suit your face can be tricky – and don’t worry, we’ve all tried on a few pairs that have made us recoil in horror. So, to help you choose a stylish and complementary combination, we’ve decoded which frames will suit each different face shape, so you can easily find the yin to your yang.
One should never underestimate the power of [sunglasses]( They may be the one thing you _always_ forget to pack for holidays, consistently leave the house without or somehow misplace after a few glasses of Prosecco, but they’re truly lifesavers. Of the sun-protecting, hangover-hiding, outfit-completing kind. So it’s probably worth stocking up of a few pairs don’t you think? Not only do [sunglasses]( shade your eyes from the blazing summer rays, they also add an instant, undeniable cool factor to every ensemble. But – as we’ve all found out whilst trying on the 8th pair of the day and recoiled in horror at our reflection – only, if they’re a shape that suits you, and your face. This season in particular, [sunglasses]( are chunkier, wider, more colourful and generally a bit mad, so it’s tricky to know what will work – and one-shape-flatters-all is definitely not a thing. The golden rule? Try to find a pair that fit well and balance your features, and if you get it right, they’ll look like they were simply made for you. To assist you in such a momentous task, we’ve decoded which frames will compliment each face shape below. So you can go forth and find the yin to your yang!
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#### Round Face = Angular Frames If your face is on the circular side, angular lines will add definition and balance the roundness - a bit like using sunglasses to create faux cheekbones rather than contouring (you can thank us later!) so best to opt for [square](, [rectangular]( or [wayfarer]( frames.
#### Square Face = Round Frames To soften the angular lines of a square face, choose frames with [rounded corners](, which will give an overall rounder silhouette. And, for a perfect fit we recommend choosing shades that extend past the widest part of your face. Bug-eye mode engaged!
#### Heart Shaped Face = Bigger on Top Frames For you lucky folk out there with heart-shaped faces, [aviators]( and [cat eye frames]( are your chosen friends. Unlike your square and round-faced sisters, you want to mimic — not contrast — the outline of your face shape. Add a tinted lense for extra pizzazz.
#### Oval Face = Oversized Frames If, by chance, you've hit the jackpot with an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky. Pretty much _every_ shape works well, so you have the opportunity to have some fun. The one thing to consider is proportion, as [oversized frames]( tend to look best.
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