Available at Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Kingston, Newcastle
Fenwick Celebration Cakes
Special celebrations call for ultra-special cakes, just like the ones below.

Celebration day is nearing but there’s no cake in sight (yet)? We’ve got you covered with our special creations, crafted by our inhouse patisserie team. Think crowd pleasers like the Red Velvet and zesty vegan highlights – finished with a personalised chocolate plaque if you’d like. Choose your favourite cake from our edit below and complete the form below.

To order please complete the Celebration Cake Order form here.

Please ensure you place your order 7 days in advance. We recommend serving 16-18 slices per cake. Each cake is priced at £75 (including VAT), with the optional personalised chocolate plaque included. Bespoke cake requests are handled by our patisserie experts and priced on enquiry. We only provide single-tiered cakes.

For any dietary requirements, please speak with our team before placing your order. Some ingredients we use in our kitchen are classified as food allergens. Full allergen information for items on our menu is available on request.

Please note that our recipes are subject to change and contact our patisserie team for more information.

Collect your Fenwick Celebration Cake from any of the following stores: Bracknell (Mason + Rye), Brent Cross (Three Restaurant), Canterbury (The Eatery), Kingston (Mason + Rye) and Newcastle (Mason + Rye).


There’s cake, and then there’s the Red Velvet. Two layers of sponge filled and topped with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and dusted with crumble. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Classics never go out of taste, and the Victoria Sponge is one of them. Expect fluffy Génoise sponge, infused with Madagascan vanilla, orange zest and strawberry compote. The fruit and petal toppings add such a pretty finish.


Two layers of sponge, brought into cake heaven with a smooth caramel fill. But the inside isn’t all that counts – we love the mix of Cornish sea salt, crunchy caramel pearls and velvety milk chocolate drippings on the outside, too.


Decadence in cake form. The ganache coat – crowned with chocolate shards and crunchy gold leaves – will wow the most loyal of chocolate lovers.


Coffee lovers, this one is for you. A fluffy sponge, infused with fine espresso and filled with smooth buttercream. The dark chocolate pearls add a touch of crunch.


Warm spices, rum-soaked raisins and orange zest… we’re smelling carrot cake. Combine that with frostings of cream cheese and a halo of caramelised walnuts, pistachios and orange jelly, and you have cake perfection.


A fluffy pistachio sponge, filled with layers of rose buttercream, raspberry jam and pistachio ganache. The highlights? Sprinklings of pistachio, crystalised rose and freeze-dried raspberry.


Poppy seeds meet tangy Amalfi lemon in our special vegan creation. The non-dairy “buttercream” tastes just like the real thing – we think it’ll win over those that are not strictly plant-based, too.


Whether you’ve got a thing for gendered colours or are looking to switch things up: our classic children’s cake will win your little one’s heart over either way. Dustings of stars and pearls make it extra special.