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Glossy hair? Check. Smooth skin? Check. Deep sleep? Check. Silk pillowcases have a variety of beauty benefits that can't go unnoticed. So much so, there are now silk eye masks and hair scrunchies to take those benefits to the next level. Can we convert you?
I’ve been using [silk pillowcases]( for years – three to be exact. I was skeptical at first about the claims: anti-wrinkle, anti-static, hypoallergic... It seemed too good to be true. But, as someone who loves beauty, and is happy to act as a guinea pig for the sake of beauty, I felt like I had nothing to lose. So, I placed an order for two white silk pillowcases, and within a few days, they arrived. I noticed immediate benefits: my hair felt glossier, my face felt smooth, and I was getting [the best sleep]( I’ve since converted a dozen of my friends and family to make the switch – and none of them have looked back since. At Fenwick, we have two silk bedding brands we think you need to invest in now. [Slip](, a favourite of dermatologists and hair stylists, and [Gingerlily](, a favourite of make-up artists and interior designers (they even made an appearance in [Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk campaign]( There’s everything from [pillowcases]( to [eye masks]( and [hair scrunchies]( guaranteed to add great benefits to your beauty regime.
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Beauty Benefits for Hair & Skin

The world’s most renowned hairstylists have long recommended sleeping on gentle, hair-friendly silk to help preserve your blow out. Cotton pillowcases can cause hair to tangle during the night, making silk the best option to improve hair and skin quality.

“Silk is recognised for its skin and hair soothing properties: it contains the same amino-acids as found in skin and hair helping to prevent irritations by soothing the skin and making hair sleek and glossy,” says Sophie Ischoffen, General Manager of Gingerlily.

If you have long hair, I suggest using slip's large scrunchies to keep your hair tied up while you sleep. It's gentle on the hair, will help hold a blow dry, and when paired with a silk pillowcase, makes for double the beauty benefits.


Think your expensive night creams are working overtime while you sleep? Think again if you are using a cotton pillowcase. "Silk doesn’t crease the skin in the same way cotton can, helping to combat wrinkles. Silk is also less absorbent than cotton, ensuring that night creams stay on your face and are not absorbed into the pillow," says Sophie.


And when it comes to managing mild allergy symptons, Sophie also notes, "Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fibre, as it helps to relieve the symptoms of allergies and is the ideal natural material for those with asthma.”

Have we convinced you to take the plunge?

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