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Food and Drinks Tastings

Enjoy a tipple or two at our upcoming food and drinks tastings in-store. Take a look at the fabulous brands coming up soon...

Whet your appetite with our enticing selection of food and drink tastings at [Fenwick Bracknell]( & [Newcastle]( stores between 12 – 3pm on the following dates: ### Fenwick Bracknell #### Noveltea Saturday 18th May Creating matchless blends of first-class botanicals and premium British spirits, NOVELTEA break the mould of common tea drinks with exciting flavours of the world. These include The Tale of Tangier - an infusion of Moroccan green mint tea with Caribbean rum - and The Tale of Earl Grey - an infusion of Earl Grey tea with gin and botanicals to deliver a smooth, rich taste. Serve in a glass or a teacup, ice cold or hot. #### Binghams Brewery Saturday 18th May Binghams Brewery is a small, independent microbrewery who opened its doors in 2010 and is located in the Berkshire village of Twyford. Since then, Owner and Head Brewer Chris Bingham has been brewing quality cask ales across the spectrum from lighter thirst slaking session beers (3.7%) to something with a bit more oomph (5.0%). #### Silent Pool Gin Saturday 18th May Drawn by a common passion for craft distilling, a group of friends came together to create a new kind of distillery, producing handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality. In an extraordinary location on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, a group of dilapidated farm buildings on the banks of the legendary Silent Pool has been transformed to become the home of the Silent Pool Distillers. A unique four-stage process allows precise quality control and flavour, with botanicals that are bruised and macerated in base spirit before being transferred to the still, giving great depth and mouthfeel. ### Fenwick Newcastle #### Hooting Owl Gin Saturday 18th May The Hooting Owl Distillery is an artisan distiller of craft Gin based in the historic Barmby Moor House. Launched in August 2018, Hooting Owl gins have quickly built a strong, loyal following - including Michelin-starred restaurants - who passionately believe in the quality of the products. Hooting Owl produce artisan small-batch London Dry gins hand-crafted in copper stills. Unlike other distillers, their gin is cut 10 times during the distillation process to create exceptionally smooth gins with unique character. #### Brass Castle Brewery Saturday 18th May Brass Castle Brewery is the UK's foremost brewer of vegan and gluten-free craft beers. They mash grains, boil hop charges, pitch yeast, rack into casks, seam cans right in the centre of Malton. The result is a range of award-winning, authentic beers that find their way all around the UK and beyond. _T&Cs apply, see [here]( for details._

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