Bagutta X Squarzi Collaboration

Fenwick Exclusive Bagutta X Squarzi Pop-Up

Discover an exclusive collaboration between luxurious Italian men’s brand, Bagutta and fashion entrepreneur, Alessandro Squarzi, popping up in store at Fenwick of Bond Street from 14th March – 14th July.

Available at: Bond Street
[Fenwick of Bond Street]( celebrates the arrival of the exclusive Bagutta X Squarzi collaboration with a pop-up from 14th March - 14th July. Italian men's shirting brand Bagutta has collaborated with style icon and fashion entrepreneur Alessandro Squarzi to design a collection of shirts with unmatched elegance, perfectly timed for summer. We spoke with the Milan-based fashion entrepreneur and street-style regular Squarzi about this exciting collection, taking us on a sartorial journey through his collaboration with Bagutta. Bagutta is a menswear favourite at Fenwick of Bond Street. Are there certain elements of the brand or the product that particularly drew you towards the collaboration? For me, it is the first time I've done a collaboration of this type. The thing that convinced me the most is that Bagutta is a shirt brand with a rich history. Working alongside the Bagutta design team meant that I could see, first-hand, the attention each detail received. The quality of Bagutta shirts is world-renowned, so my drive to collaborate was imperative ###### Which piece of the collection was born first and why? The Western Shirt was the first piece to be created in this collection. The Wild West has always fascinated me. I love to ride horses, so much so that it’s become my way of life, therefore inspiring the design of this first shirt. ###### What are your top tips for a gentleman looking to style his own look? 1\. Dress yourself based on your own proportions and don’t follow the current fashion trends. If you stay true to what works for you, your confidence will shine through. 2\. Considering the length of your sleeves is essential to how your look is received. The edge of your cuff should always graze the fold of your wrist. If wearing a shirt with a blazer or suit jacket, the cuff should graciously make an appearance from underneath the sleeve. ###### What is your favourite piece in the capsule collection and what would you pair it with? My favourite piece is the shirt named Pacific, a military shirt that gives a casual edge to any look. Generally, I like wearing it layered with a Serafino T-shirt and a Fortela Vest over the top. _The Bagutta X Squarzi capsule collection is now available exclusively at Fenwick of Bond Street. To purchase now, please call the Fenwick of Bond Street Personal Shopping Service on 0207 409 9825._

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