Fenwick Takes Flight This Christmas With Shaun The Sheep

In partnership with Aardman, we are delighted to welcome Shaun the Sheep and friends to our 2021 Newcastle Windows which was unveiled virtually to thousands of viewers from around the world.

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Christmas is coming at Mossy Bottom Farm and Shaun the Sheep, Bitzer and friends are getting ready for the festivities. However, Shaun’s seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get a bigger stocking for the Flock accidentally results in Timmy going missing. Can you help Shaun find Timmy and get him home before he becomes someone else’s present?
Created in partnership with Aardman Animations, Fenwick is proud to bring Shaun the Sheep and friends to our 2021 [Newcastle](https://www.fenwick.co.uk/stores/newcastle) Christmas Windows, as was revealed via live stream to hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world on Sunday, 7th November 2021\. In celebration of 50 years of the Newcastle Christmas Windows, this year's spectacularly festive reveal saw the windows come to life with the magical and humorous story of Shaun the Sheep and his mischievous Flock running across the entire frontage of our Northumberland Street store windows. The highly anticipated unveiling was filmed in front of a small number of invited guests from the local community, including children and families from our partner schools, hospitals and charities.
When asked about this year’s Christmas window theme, Paul Baptiste, Head of Creative at Fenwick said:
"The 2021 Fenwick Christmas campaign is our 50th Anniversary year so the Creative team and I are all super excited about this year's partnership. Developed with key touchpoints of togetherness and fun for all, this year is going to bring a smile to all that visit the windows whether digitally or in person. It is incredible to be working with Aardman and presenting the amazing Flight Before Christmas story with Shaun the Sheep. We will also see Shaun and the other characters from the windows carried throughout the Grotto's, Christmas Shop areas and windows across the group at Fenwick. It's going to be a very woolly Christmas!"
We would like to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all those who joined us. Fenwick is underpinned by community and family, so being able to bring some Christmas cheer into so many homes and hearts brings our hardworking teams a huge amount of joy.
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From seeing Shaun, Timmy and the Flock decorating the Barn ready for Christmas to a special appearance from Santa, Fenwick is taking flight this Christmas and we are excited to have you on board. Read on to find out exactly what to look out for in each of the fantastical windows. Scroll to the end of the page to re-watch the magical reveal and see the windows in person from now until early January 2022\.
Shaun, Timmy and the Flock are decorating the Barn ready for Christmas. The radio is playing their favourite festive tunes and the pizza slice bunting is already on the washing line. Shirley rides her bicycle contraption to turn the Christmas tree round and round as paper chains are fed onto it, but it’s already gone wrong as Nuts gets tangled up in the Christmas lights. Can you spot joyful Timmy? He is holding his stocking proudly and gazing at his Mum who is busy using a fishing rod to put the star on top of the tree, he’s also spotted the Father Christmas picture on the wall behind Shaun. Shaun is not quite so joyful – could his stocking be any smaller?
Shaun is up for some seasonal mischief and sneaks into the Farmer’s living room to look for bigger stockings. Oh-oh Shaun and Timmy, the Farmer is coming down the stairs – time for a brilliant disguise. Shaun rolls himself up in the wrapping paper but can you spot Timmy hiding in the gift box? He peeks out to see The Farmer dressed up as Santa, The Farmer doesn’t see anything out of place under his tree.
The Farmer and Bitzer are off to the Christmas Market in the van, loaded up with presents. Shaun’s ripped off his wrapping paper disguise and is looking on, horrified as he spots Timmy being loaded onto the van. But can you see Timmy? He’s chuckling, as wherever Santa’s going, he’s going.
Farmer Christmas is settled in the Grotto at the Mossingham Christmas Market and Shaun, Timmy’s Mum and the Flock have raced after the van to rescue Timmy. They have cleverly disguised themselves as a very wonky Snowman, even Bitzer in his Christmas Elf Costume is fooled. Shaun finds Timmy, he’s reaching out to grab him. Oh no, he’s about to be given away as a gift. Can you spot him?
Timmy, still hidden inside the gift box is now on his way to be placed under someone else’s Christmas tree. The Flock are all on board for a brilliant, rollercoaster sleigh ride through the snowy fields in the hope they can catch up and get Timmy back home to Mossy Bottom Farm in time for Christmas. Bitzer has caught up with them, he’s rolled out his Elf shoes to make some skis and candy canes for sticks.
Timmy is rescued. The flock follow Timmy back to a country manor house. The sheep disguise themselves as Carol Singers to distract the owners while Timmy’s Mum rescues our little hero through the window..
The flock and Bitzer are together again in the Barn for the best family Christmas dinner ever. Nuts is still wound up in the tree, but he’s happy. The ducks are invited and even the Pigs are keen to join the fun and eat all the mince pies and pudding. Timmy’s Mum keeps Timmy close by, he hasn’t yet spotted Father Christmas out of the window. And is that Timmy’s Christmas toy behind the hay bales?
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**Watch the full reveal below:**
Take Flight this Christmas with Fenwick.


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