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Fresh Perspectives: A Panel on New Directions
12-12 February
For a fresh look at our approach to self-care, relationships, creativity and more, join us for an exclusive panel talk at Fenwick Kingston.

All the good intentions but lacking the tools to make them happen? Sometimes it takes an expert POV to spark bright new ideas and set you up for the year ahead. This is where our newest panel Fresh Perspectives comes in. For one evening only on the 12 February from 6pm - 8pm, we are bringing some of the brightest minds to Fenwick Kingston to share their expert point of view on modern approaches to self-care, relationships, creativity and more.

The new year is often associated with change, a time for looking ahead and setting new intentions for yourself. Hosted by writer, journalist, presenter and digital content producer, Chanté Joseph, who will be accompanied by a stellar line up of speakers, this panel can help guide you to striking a balance between the excitement of new ideas and directions, and the comfort of being kind to ourselves and letting go of what is no longer serving us.

From the importance friendships and relationships to the power of self-reflection and celebration of new approaches, we'll be relishing the opportunity to look to the future and see the world through fresh eyes.

Meet The Host

Chanté Joseph is a writer, journalist, presenter and digital content producer best known as the Host of the Guardian's Pop Culture podcast. Having written for publications including British Vogue, Gal-Dem and Vice, Chanté frequently comments on current cultural topics. During this insightful and thought-provoking panel, Chanté will help you dissect some of the emerging themes that impact our points of view on how to live your best life in 2024, including relationships, wellness and creativity.

On The Panel

Emma-Louise Boynton is a writer, broadcaster, presenter and creator of the award-winning monthly live event series, Sex Talks, which has rapidly become a firm sell out event. Sex Talks exists to engender more open and honest conversations around typically taboo topics including sex and relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, and through her live talks, has become one of the leadings voices within this area. Emma-Louise has also written for the Independent, ES Magazine, The Stack, Semaine and more.

On The Panel

Elizabeth Uviebinené is the Founder of Storia, a journaling app that bridges the gap between individual introspection and the human need for community. She is also a multi-award-winning author and Life Skills Columnist at Grazia, and is passionate about creating a community-focused working future, as shared in her book The Reset. She has been awarded Leading Woman in Europe by Ad Age, a Marie Claire Future Shaper, and the Groucho Maverick award for being a culturally progressive innovator. Elizabeth is also a trustee at Young Women’s Trust - an organisation working to achieve economic empowerment for young women.

On The Panel

Tanya Compas is an award winning youth worker, community builder, social impact consultant and founder of creative youth organisation Exist Loudly, that supports Black LGBTQ+ youth through creative intervention, digital storytelling and spaces of joy. Tanya's career is reflective of her passion and commitment to disrupting the status quo and showcasing the many possibilities of impact possible through play, experimentation and storytelling.

On The Panel

Oenone Forbat is a podcaster, influencer, author and fledgling comedian, and a bottomless pit of questions - a millennial in search of answers. Downloaded over four million times, Oenone's enlightening podcast ‘Adulting’ tackles the subjects that we aren't taught in school and her platform has now evolved into a warm and welcoming hub for other 20-somethings navigating this uncertain time in their lives. Last year, Oenone also published her debut memoir, Bad Influence; Reflections of a life. Oenone's love of fashion has also seen her break up with fast fashion, now championing a new view on shopping, with a focus on mindful purchasing and being compassionate with yourself.

Tickets cost £10 and are redeemable against any product on the night. To book your ticket, click the link below.

Fresh Perspectives: A Panel On New Directions

12 February, Fenwick Kingston


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