Clarins Double Serum
Introducing the new and improved Clarins Double Serum. Pegged as their most powerful formula yet, find the award-winning innovation in-store at Fenwick.
In 1996, Clarins released Double Serum: the first double vial bottle which made it possible to bring together optimally-concentrated ingredients soluble in oil and water that produced a supreme, award-winning formula that went on to become one of the most iconic skincare products of our time. 11 years after its original launch, the Double Serum story continues with new and improved packaging, and their most powerful formula yet. The Complete Age Control Concentrate is the latest innovation to come from the mighty French labs - and is available at Fenwick stores from Sunday 27th August. With the number of environmental aggressors that we face on a daily basis – such as a pollution, stress and poor diet – skin cells respond by producing antioxidant defence molecules to protect the skin. When the cells do not communicate well, signs of ageing will appear in the form of wrinkles, loss of firmness, lack of radiance or an uneven skin tone. Now, Double Serum has identified an intelligent cellular listening system that allows the cells to respond better and control the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection, all according to the individual skin’s needs. The new Double Serum’s 21 potent plant extracts work together to target the visible signs of ageing – the hero ingredient, turmeric, is rich in tumerone which targets the cells ability to communicate with each other and support the formula’s other skin-boosting ingredients. Packed full of nourishing and revitalising ingredients, such as quinoa, cocoa tree, kiwi and Leaf of Life, these extracts boost skin hydration and improve skin suppleness and radiance. Extracts of goji berry, mango, avocado and edelweiss strengthen the skin’s barrier from environmental stress, reduce the appearance of pores and boost the production of collagen for a smoother, firmer texture. The formula isn’t the only aspect of Double Serum to undergo a transformation – Clarins have reinvented the iconic double vial bottle, which now contains interlocking vials with the oil-phase being housed in the hydric phase to preserve the integrity of the ingredients and allow the correct amount of each phase to be dispensed. Plus, the made-to-measure applicator allows you to customise the amount of product used depending on your skin’s needs, climate or season so you have total control. Visit your local Fenwick store for a skin consultation and a free sample of the new Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate from Sunday 27th August. _Double Serum 30ml, £57, Double Serum 50ml, £75_